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  • The Trembler - now only $34.95
    • $34.95   

    "the ultimate vibrating head massager"

     The Trembler is on sale for only $34.95 for a very limited time.

    If you're ready to take your relaxation to the next level, or are searching for that perfect companion for your collection of relaxing albums, then check out the Trembler.

    The Trembler has been scientifically designed to gently massage the pressure points located around the head and back of the neck. The flexible prongs, which are tipped in copper, act as a conductor, tapping into your body’s unique electrical fields. By gently lowering, raising and turning slightly, the Trembler will find countless pressure points with no particular skill needed. The effects are immediate and you body may tingle as message are conveyed down your spine, often reaching as far as your toes!

    The Trembler also sports an upgraded vibrating mechanism and more ergonomic handle for better grip and control.

    Be prepared for even greater stimulation of the nerve endings and acupressure points on your scalp, temples and neck, ensuring that even the most stressed out individual will feel totally soothed and relaxed. With your entire body just quivering with pleasure, the Trembler might be just the thing you need to forget the daily grind.

    Made from high grade industrial plastic, the copper tipped prongs of the Trembler can vibrate as you pass them over your head...and with the vibrating mechanism turned off, the Trembler works and feels just like an Orgasmatron.

    We recommend the Trembler for:
    • use on yourself
    • relaxing friends and associates
    • birthday gifts and get well presents
    • travelling
    • just saying 'I love you'
    • Enticing, arousing, yet relaxing - we dare you not to get hooked!

    The Trembler is a two -speed vibrating version and requires 2 x AA batteries (included). The Trembler is blister packaged with complete operating instructions. 

    Each Trembler unit weighs about 250g and is approximately 330 x 215 x 60mm in size (packaged).

    Please note:

    Trembler colours are randomly shipped according to available stock. 

    The Trembler - now only $34.95